Friday, 6 April 2012

nailcial features

Few days ago I decided to up the ante. Instead of writing letters on my nails, I wanted to have actual pictures. Because let's be honest, letters are pretty average and not that amazing. I needed to wow myself! So I set out on an all-day project and this was the result..

Mouth nails! I don't know how I thought of this crazy idea but I did! It took me all day, most of the time I was correcting mistakes made when accidentallly bumping my nails, and I only used the brushes of the respective bottles. The hardest part would have to be putting the balck lines as the teeth because the brush was so thick and unwilling!

This is the beginning of my venture into crazier nails and I only have one week of holidays left! So I'm going to try and do as many of the ideas I have as quickly as possible. Whatever I can't do this holidays, I'll save for next holidays. And if I think of a good idea mid-term... seriously will write it down. Legitimately.

That's all!!
Namira :)x

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