Saturday, 30 June 2012


Yes yes yes, I just posted this morning but I was too excited to postpone this post so! Today my mother, sister and I went shopping for her upcoming birthday. So while she was looking at perfumes, I managed to sneak a peek at the nail polishes! From the first place I scored 3 $2 nailpolishes! I got a base coat, a white which will be really helpful for themed nails and a gold glitter one for some sparkle and fun. So I was pretty smitten with my purchases at that point. But then, at the next store, I got something awesome. Far awesome than petty, one dimensional polishes. I got...

A Crackle Nail Set! What does this mean, you ask? If you use one of those nailpolishes over your already painted nails, it does this crazy shatter effect. As soon as I got home, I just HAD to try it. So to visually explain what the crackling looks like, I have an image:
Voila! Cool, right? Because I struck gold with this set, I have five different crackling nailpolishes. So that means five times the possible combinations! Ooh plus, I added a little of my gold glitter that I purchased today also, just for some STHPARKLE!

Namira :)x

Friday, 29 June 2012


Hello all! Firstly, thirtieth post woo! I don't know why thirty is an exciting number in any way but I like rounded numbers... for some reason. Secondly, I finally have a theme for my nails! I know you are all rejoicing so without further ado:

Under the sea nails! Yeah okay, so it is a bit messy but I've been wanting to do this one for a while so I thought I'd just bang it out. So from the pinky we've got seaweed (sooo difficult to paint lal), coral, a fishy blowing bubbles and a starfish! I couldn't think of what to do for my thumb.. so I ignored it. Sorry, thumb.

In addition! I went to a Chocolateria called Sans Churro on Thursday! This is what I ordered:
And I finished every bit of it. The drink is "Cookie Cha Cha" - a shake with chocolate cookies and white chocolate icecream. My "meal" is a Choc Banana sundae which consists of chopped banana, delicious melted chocolate and MINI CHURROS!!! It was a seriously amazing meal. But if I had to choose between Sans Churro and Max Brenner.... I.. don't think I could (diplomatic answer). Max Brenner.

ALSOO, to continue my binge week, on Friday I had a cute mother daughter lunch with my mum and sister at Capri. They have gooooood pizza:
It was a lamb pizza that had delicious Middle Eastern flavours. And yes I ate it all. You should not be doubting my eating abilities by now, come on. To top it off, Nahila and I were cheeky and had Baskin Robbins ice cream on the way home heeheeheeee.

Namira :)x

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Hey all,
I've been pretty busy these past few days, hanging with friends and eating COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF JUNK FOOD. You shrug me off with a smug laugh and say "Welcome to holidays" but no. More than that. Let me break it down.
Monday = pancakes at Pancake Manor
Tuesday = A full chocolate pizza at Max Brenner (below picture for reference)
It was deeeelicious. And yes. I ate it all...

Wednesday = A raspberry brioche and hot chocolate at Banneton Bakery (again, look below)


As well as this delicious chocolate birthday cake made by my friend's grandma AND a caramel apple upside down cake my sister made. Goodness.
So yeah, don't underestimate the amount of food I've eaten. Did I mention that tomorrow I will be continuing my ill-eating ways and devouring chocolate dipped churros at Sans Churro tomorrow? Photos (of course) will be shown later.

To stray away now from food, as this is a nail blog, I did my nails in a pattern again. I know, WHERE ARE THE THEMES? But I've just been so busy and I wanted something nice to wear outside that was quick, simple yet statement (mhmm gurl). So I present to you these dual tone nails:

One side has pearly white and maroon and the other has silver and blue. I think both colours really stand out nicely but still compliment each other. Which is nice. I really hope I can get some themed nails out there soon but in the meantime, satiate your demand by constantly checking back! :D The food pictures get better and better the longer you stare at them.

Namira :)x

Monday, 25 June 2012


It was Saturday night at 6.30 and my mum informs me that we will be leaving for a party at 7 to 7.10. I say that's fine, sitting and idly watching the time. Then, I look at my outfit. And with 20 minutes to go til we leave, I was inspired to paint! This is the source of inspiration:
And this is what I came up with:
Just some nice, geometric print nails :) I know it's different from my usual stuff by I thought I might get into this kind of nail painting too, you know, stuff you can wear in public haha. This isn't to say I did not wear my Daria nails out and about! I did and it was awesome.

Namira :)x

Friday, 22 June 2012

Daria Mornaildorffer

Hellloooooo my lovelies!

After like a two week hiatus, I HAVE RETURNED. Why? Because holidays are upon us! So that means an intense number of posts coming your way in the next two weeks!!

I've made a to-do list for different paints throughout the term and I've already started my first one. Here it is:
Daria-themed nails!! Man I love that show. I watched it when I was a kid... but then I recently rewatched the whole series again. So good. From the pinky we've got Quinn, Trent, Jane and Daria! Forgive my for Jane's weird little blemish on her nose... I'M NOT PERFECT OKAY!?! It was fun, regardless :D

YAY HOLIDAYS! Just hit me again...

Namira :)x

Saturday, 2 June 2012


Howdy y'all! What.. Ignore that.

But hello! I am pretty much near the peak of Grade 12, once the exams in two weeks are done, I am halfway there!! Well a little bit more than half way because Term 4 is like.. 4 weeks.

I'm posting because I feel I need to give the MASSIVE HORDES of viewers that I have something to look forward to again. I did this paint last week but thought I'd save it for later. Space out my posts for optimum viewer enjoyment :) I care about you. So view my blog. Like a million times. And tell everyone about it. Everyone you know. Yep, all four of them.

THE TELETUBBIES! Inspiration for these nails came from our 90's themed school dance which we (the SAC Exec - no point in explaining) slaved away to organise. To advertise, we were teletubbies having a classic little conversation around the podium. We kept our costume for the actual dance a secret so everyone was convinced we'd be teletubbies. Then BAM. Furbies. Best surprise ever. And have to admit, it was a pretty awesome event in the end. We did an awesome job, regardless what anyone thinks!
But yeah, you've got Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala, Po. If you didn't read that in your head like the theme song they had on the show then...That's okay. Thank you for actually reading my blog, for starters.

Namira :)x