Wednesday, 25 April 2012

confectionailry revisited

I couldn't think of another name which is synonomous to confectionery that could incorporate nail into is somehow. So I apologise for my lack of creativity in that aspect. Today was ANZAC Day - a day remembering the many heroic Australian soldiers who have fought or are currently fighting. I went to a lovely ceremony and had the honour of carrying The Gap High's wreath! Although my hands were violently shaking after 20 minutes of holding it and it felt weird to bend my arms in any direction other than the wreath holding position, I really enjoyed the ceremony. Anyways, I'm rambling. CHECK OWT MA NAILSSS GURRL!

I'm sorry for that weird gangsta outburst...and assuming you were female. I mean it with a kind heart, I assure you. But I have m'n'm nails! Just something I can leave on my toenails for a while and be pleased with :) I had become bored of the stripes, plus they were chipping. Fiddlesticks!
Namira :)x

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