Friday, 26 October 2012

in the wildernails

My exams are like two weeks away! I should really stop.
I was requested to do this one by a friend and KABLAMY HERE YOU GO:

After revealing this masterpiece, I am requested a snake on the other hand DOUBLE KABLAMY:

Namira :)x

Monday, 22 October 2012

bandanail day

Once again my nails were inspired by promotional work I needed to do! Bandana Day is coming up, Friday 26 October, so for it we're selling CanTeen bandanas at school for $4. There were heaps of prints and patterns on offer and to show these off and promote at the same time I may or may not have painted...
BANDANA PRINT NAILS! As you can see I've painted 10 designs but there were even more then that! From my right hand inky we have a camo print, a birds print, a video game print, a geometric pattern, the australian flag, stripey pattern, polka dot pattern, hearts print, a sailor themed bandana and a pattern called Mexican. There were at least 5 different colours of the Mexican but I decided on yellow.

Also, fiftieth post! :O hooray
Namira :)x

Sunday, 14 October 2012

glitter nails!

So my obsession for nail polish clearly evident if I can manage to score two nail polishes from grocery shopping with my mum! And they're good ones too! (sorry ulta3, you're special in your own way)

GLITTER NAILS! And they're Sally Hansen which are good (I don't actually know, I'm just guessing)! As soon as I got home I put them on!

"Showgirl Chic"
 As you can see, they aren't just your average one toned glitter polishes. These bad boys have sneaky speckles of other colours! Showgirl Chic is predominately silver with a hint of blue while Cha-Ching! is mostly red with bits of silver incorporated in it.
Although tomorrow is Monday, I'm still going to rock these nails to school because - quite frankly - I'M A PUNK. I CAN DO WHAT I WANT. Plus, I only have 4 real weeks of school left so I've let loose! My little jab against the system. REPORT ME !?>?!

Namira :)x

Friday, 12 October 2012

mentnail health week

It's the first week back of the last school term ever! And because it's only 6 weeks long (technically only 5 weeks as the last one is exam block) we were hurled straight into it! This week is actually Mental Health Week and to acknowledge this, we organised a Free Dress Day for today that was themed patterns. It was gold coin donation and the proceeds would go to Kids Helpline. Using this information, I conjured up some nail art!
The thumb nail (that's a legitmate word on its own hehehe) is the Kids Helpline logo while the other nails represent the pattern part of the event! It was real quick to whip up so I may expand my nail painting horizons and experiment with patterns a little more!

Namira :)x
And yes. That is the task sheet for my English assignment in the background. I've obviously got  my priorities straight ;)

Monday, 8 October 2012


On my second last day of holidays, my family and I partied it up at one of our very dear family friends.. That are a family.. so like our family friend-family... ANYWAYS! It was the parents, 25th wedding anniversary party and it was mighty fun! To convey excitement I, of course, painted my nails to match my outfit. 
The outfit:
The outcome:

The design on my clothes was so intricate and large that I had to break it up into two segments. I think it looks nicer that way!

Namira :)x

Thursday, 4 October 2012

matte nails

Hey all! Yesterday I had a day off from the hectic holiday schedule because I had an orthodontist appointment.. But after that I had a lovely time on my own just perusing through shops, looking for any good buys. I was just in the mood to shop. And because I had not spent a single cent since I started working at Subway a couple of months ago, I had some money saved up wahoo! Introducing my newest additions to the family:
Although at first I was only looking at budget stores for cheaper nailpolishes, I could not help but be drawn in by Myer and their enticing sales! As you can see, I purchased - simply put - a gold, red and green. But what is the Chi Chi lurking in the background supposed to be!? WELL! That's a matte top coat which is totally the new craze. Basically, if you paint this over your regular polished nail, it takes away the shine and reflective ability of the polish. So it goes matte. It looks so cool! I did some experiments with this interesting polish:
 In addition to the matte, I reapplied the original nail colour on top so it stands out! These designs are definitely a lot more subtle than my usual outrageous nail art. I wasn't sure if it's subtle intricacy would be easily identified from a distance so I tried another time. This time round I added more normal nail polish to make it more obvious.
Still very understated but it's very fun to be wearing. Just a little secret to yourself teehee!

Namira :)x
PS sorry about the lack of creative title. I just wanted to show you matte polish!

anailzing amazing race

Hey there! On Wednesday, my friends and I got into pairs to battle in our own homemade version of the Amazing Race. To identify ourselves as a team, my teammate and I decided to wear stripes and converse. What better way to reinforce that with decorative nails!

So there we were, shamelessly going on a scavenger hunt all throughout Brisbane. We were doing pretty spectacularly well for our standards and we only needed to catch a busto reach our destination and we'd be done. However, for some smarmy reason, the bus that was meant to come did not arrive. That happened twice. And when our bus finally did appear, it was full and so it kept driving. When we finally got on a bus and made it to the end stop, we were informed we came 4th out of the 6 teams. Which is a pretty solid effort.. but we'll forever blame the transport. It was a superb day though, I recommend you be bothered to organise something like it.

 Namira :)x