Monday, 30 June 2014

Kim Possinail

I love painting my nails with cartoons, it's always easier to recognise (i.e. there's more leeway to make mistakes).

Another classic cartoon of my childhood is Kim Possible

So what's the stitch?
Call me beep me if you want to reach me!
Now the theme song will be in my head for eternity.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

nailventure time: revisited

Did my last exam for the semester last night! As soon as I came home, I saw the sorry sight of my nails and knew something had to be done. Something big though, not just a plain ol' colour or pattern.

The result:
Adventure Time nails! Now I know I've done one like this before, as well as an LSP one and a B-MO one (IT'S JUST TOO EASY/CUTE, OKAY!?) but I'd like to think this set displays more detail. I mean, the logo is there!

Also for fans of the show who are confused by the pinky next to B-MO, it was meant to be Cinnamon Bun... I couldn't think of who I wanted on my last nail, then after I had painted "Cinnamon Bun" (arguable it looks like him), I realised that I could have done Tree Trunks! She's a cutie. Oh well, maybe another time? ;)

Now that holidays are upon me, I have the freedom to do whatever I please! Buuut  'll probably spend that opportunity just painting my nails lalzzzz.

Better for this blog, I guess!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Ballin' so hard

Had my Law Ball on the Saturday and the dress code was Black Tie (i.e. super fancy). So to match the event, I needed super fancy nails and what better way to do that than with tuxedo nails!
I did a similar type of design for my Formal two years ago, so that should give an indication of the dress code of this ball! It was great fun dressing up with friends and just having a blast together. It was basically like the last hurrah before exams really start to kick in. Greeeeat.