Sunday, 30 September 2012


As you all know, I've been so busy exploiting my freedom! I did this last holidays too, but I'll now update you on my culinary adventures :) Though I'm almost halfway through my holidays, I've eaten so much! Let me take you on the journey -

Had a cute little lunch with my mum and sister!
Lamb burger at Grill'd
 Then my mum scampered off to work and my sister and I were desperate for a sweet treat. Doesn't matter how big that treat is.
Strawberry tart, chocolate tart, pistachio macaron and peanut butter and chocolate macaron at Belle Epoque

Apple nougatine at Banneton Bakery
 I went to the Brisbane Festival on one night to see the light shows they held at nightly. It was spectacular! There were also food stalls around so I had dinner (below) and churros for dessert! Yum!
Wood fired vegetarian pizza
 When you have a punnet of strawberries that are at expiration point you have no option but to utilise them in baking!
Breakfast with my sister and mum at Hana Rosa cafe in Paddington:
 Muesli and yoghurt + iced chocolate

Choc fudge brownie sundae and Cookie shake
 On Saturday it was the annual Riverfire! Instead of watching the fireworks at  the intensely packed Southbank, my friends and I decided to venture up to the Mount Cootha lookout. Boy was it worth it! The view was spectacular and the fireworks show was magnificent.
 Err.. "Stariway to Heaven" flavour (yes. That is what the lady said.) and coconut flavour ice cream
And today, my sister and I were just craving something sweet.
Chocolate, hazelnut and caramel tart at Coffee Club
Hope this had made your mouth water! Enjoy your holidays if you have them and please forgive me!
Namira :)x

hogwarts: a nailstory

Hey hey gurls! Sorry. I'm apologising not only for that odd welcome but for not posting in a while! I have just not found the time or the creativity to come up with something delightful :( So I'm sorry. But boy oh boy do I have something exciting for you today!!

HARRY POTTER HOUSE NAILS! I woke up this morning and decided to watch some TV and on was the last Harry Potter movie! As Harry was talking to Helena Ravenclaw in search of The Lost Diadem, I wondered to myself why I hadn't done house nails yet! Previously I had done the little faces of the main characters but this one required more detail and plus I love Harry Potter so I CAN DO WHAT I WANT GOSH. Sorry.

Namira :)x
PS to substantiate my apology, I will be posting twice today! Awahoo! Expet many delectable snaps in the next one ;)

Monday, 24 September 2012

zebra nails

HOLIDAYS ARE SO GREAT! After my tuxedo nails began chipping I decided it was time to paint again. I sat in front of my laptop with my nail polish collection and pondered for a good while on what I should paint. Nothing came to mind. Until:

COLOURFUL ZEBRA NAILS! I'm sorry but the totally uncreative title for this post but I was just far too eager to post this and I was unable to think of anything... But this was super fun to do! And simple - just heaps of colourful backgrounds and drawing lines with toothpicks. Go on, give it a whirl.

Namira :)x

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

top hats and nailcoats

MY EXAMS ARE OVERRRRRRRRR! And the formal is tomorrow! That means I have to whip up my best nails EVER. They also have to be cuh-lasssay! So what is more fancy than:
TUXEDO NAILS! Now, if you're an avid follower or have eerily sharp memory, I did try ONE tuxedo nail agggeesss ago (see combilnailtion ;) ) but I decided on that day that these would be done for my formal! And now here we are, I can't believe it :') I tried to be as neat as possible but... you can never have perfection. And that's okay. I'm so excited to glam up tomorrow and have these bad boys on my nails! SO EXCITED

Namira :)x