Sunday, 29 April 2012


I've just been staring at this blog's pageview count all day, refreshing it! And finally, it has moved from 499 and hit the 500! It's such a small number in comparison to avid bloggers but.. I'm proud of my nicely rounded number! So woo! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to that number - even if you accidentally clicked on it when I shamelessly posted a link to facebook.

As I sat and watched the pageview count remain unchanged, my sister pointed out to me that maybe I should post something new, you know, entice people to read my blog. Because my last post was like 4 days ago! So, although I can't paint my nails and this is a nail blog, I am posting new stuff.

I recently tested the waters of baking/making edible food. I was able to procrastinate but also provide treats for my family, whereas painting my naiks would just provide them with nail polish remover fumes. So everyone wins if I make food. Look at all my food endeavours, past and present!

From the top left corner we have delicious oatmeal cookies (very healthy), a banana-weetbix-honey shake (soooo delicious and so healthy - perfect start to the day), honey cupcakes with meringue icing (my sister's doing. Totally not healthy but still incredibly delicious.), muesli cookies (also very healthy but weren't cooked to perfection unfortunately - didn't stop me from eating them) and lastly my prized ginger cookies (you guessed it, very healthy). I've whipped up those ginger biscuits a grand total of three times - it's pretty much my specialty. The family loves it. Eats 6 in a sitting. Okay, that's me, but still THEY'RE YUMMY.

As you can see, all my creations in that food collage are healthy - or healthier than your average baked good. I just like to indulge in sweet treats without the repercussions you get from indulging in a decadent one. My sister is the opposite -  she makes it taste good but the ingredients are sooo bad.  We've decide we're kind of like the cooking show Good Chef Bad Chef (which we loooove, anything on the Food Channel = amazing) (also, google it if you've never heard of it. Don't believe everything I say!). She's the slightly bad chef while I'm the slightly good chef. Awesome story, I know.

Namira :)x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

confectionailry revisited

I couldn't think of another name which is synonomous to confectionery that could incorporate nail into is somehow. So I apologise for my lack of creativity in that aspect. Today was ANZAC Day - a day remembering the many heroic Australian soldiers who have fought or are currently fighting. I went to a lovely ceremony and had the honour of carrying The Gap High's wreath! Although my hands were violently shaking after 20 minutes of holding it and it felt weird to bend my arms in any direction other than the wreath holding position, I really enjoyed the ceremony. Anyways, I'm rambling. CHECK OWT MA NAILSSS GURRL!

I'm sorry for that weird gangsta outburst...and assuming you were female. I mean it with a kind heart, I assure you. But I have m'n'm nails! Just something I can leave on my toenails for a while and be pleased with :) I had become bored of the stripes, plus they were chipping. Fiddlesticks!
Namira :)x

Friday, 20 April 2012

social nailwork

Well this is a little sad of me.. I was totally ready to settle into some Economics research and then went on facebook. And I saw the little "f" icon and thought... Hmm... that'd look cool on a nail. Why am I so willing to procrastinailpaint?! Yes, that is a new term and I very readily claim I coined it and it is now trademarked. Regardless, take a look...

Icons of social media sites - from the thumb we've got YouTube, facebook, Blogger, Myspace (bringin' it back, woo!) and tumblr. (look at it. So indie because it has a fullstop in its logo. Pssh, I'm too mainstream for it *flicks hair*) Once again this was my left hand's handiwork and I truthfully think my left hand is better than my right when it comes to detailed paints.

Also, I did this while watching the King's Speech. It's a totally awesome movie.
Namira :)x


Although a week of schooling has passed - quite rapidly, might I add! -  I have not yet feel the pull of assessment. I'm not sure if that is because I'm unaware of the actual pressures prevalent or the pressures are not yet existent. Regardless, I was aimlessly browsing on my computer tonight for a few hours and thought... Hang on. I can use this time to paint! And because it is a weekend I can just remove it Sunday night! So I painted this idea in about an hour..

 Cute little animals to grace my nails :) from the thumb I have a panda, a bunny, a (slightly munted) froggy, a piggy and a penguin! The beak of the penguin was very pesky -  and on the topic of p words, three out of five animals I painted started with p! And painted starts with p too! Man I love words too much.... But once again, on another note, I have vastly improved my touch typing skills. I honestly think it is because I have blogged in the near dark so many times that I've just been forced to guess where the keys are. It's honestly a lot more fun typing in a weird yet comfy position and seeing the screen materialise with words. Makes you feel like you're in a movie. They can always type so clearly and fluently in movies... I am rambling. And seriously my only reason of my rambling was to touch type a little more and pretend I'm in a movie.

Namira :)x

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


So after two days of school - when I said I would neglect this blog - I'm back! I realised that although my fingernails have to be sparkling clean during school hours, my toenails will indeed be hidden under black college leather lace ups. Take a look...

Just a simple, rainbow stripe pattern. Forgive me for my messiness, I was poking around with a toothpick in the dark while watching New Girl... Not that easy. I only did my big toenails because that's all I had time for, but throughout the week I'll try and do the other nails!

Expect to see toenail projects throughout the term! Not two per day but two per.. month. Maybe.
Namira :)x

Friday, 13 April 2012

happy nail year

Yes I am quite aware that it is mid April but this actually the time that the new year is celebrated in Bangladesh! To show my patriotism and celebrational..ism (?), I painted my nails for our New Years Celebration tomorrow - the Boishakhi mela :)

1419 is the year we are currently in and it is written in Bangla on the top and English on the bottom. The background for each nail, thumbs included, is the flag of Bangladesh. Tomorrow many of us will gather at a festival-stall-fundraiser kind of event, for which I have made about 60 ginger cookies for! I don't think they'll sell as well as chocolate brownies or cupcakes but.. I tried my best. And it really doesn't bother me if I have to take them all home at the end of the day ;)

My holidays finishes tomorrow, so this is my last set of nails for now, I think. It was so much funthinking of crazy ideas to paint and know that someone out there somewhere has taken the time to look at it. So thank you! Keep looking throughout the term however, I may get the time to do some nailwork, you just never know. But definitely next holidays, expect a multitude of posts again :)

Thanks again, hope you enjoyed!
Namira :)x

allies and archnailmeses

Thought it was time to say good bye to the flags, despite only wearing them for like a day. I was thoroughly impressed by my left hands' skills so I decided to let them have another shot at painting! Here are the results...

I'm not sure what to categorise these nails as... Thinking of an appropriate title was difficult but I tried my best. Inspiration came from my random rememberance of the whole pirates vs. ninjas debate and how there are other random groups out there like robots, mummies and aliens.. So this is how the nails formed!

I realise I've only had this blog for a week and I've been posting more than twice a day! This excessive activity will stop within like four days because school starts then. We aren't allowed to wear nail polish at school plus I'll be drowning in my studies! But thanks everyone who has taken a look at my blog, even if you accidentally pressed the link to it when I shamelessly posted it to my facebook. Several times. I really hope my self-entertaining ways have somehow entertained or interested you :)

Namira :)x

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Once again I found myself bored out of my wits, just aimlessly watching TV or reading random Coles and Woolworths magazines. It then occurred to me that I could be painting my nails! I have to admit, thinking of themes has been difficult and I thought I had overjuiced my creativity. But, by some miracle, I came up with another theme...

Technologically themed nails. From the thumb we have a television, a CD (or DVD, whatever tickles your fancy), an iPod, a cassette tape and a speaker. This didn't take very long to do - if anything, it took more time to think of which five iconic technological items I'd use. I would have liked to put a phone in there but I just settled for the speaker, haha.

Namira :)x

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Came home from my little sleepover and went straight into my next masterpiece. I really really loved my nails at that moment (Sesame Street and Pac-Man) but I knew I had to sacrifice one of them for my next project. That project is shown below...

Ta-da! They're flag nails. I wanted to get a flag from each continent (except Antarctica of course) to properly represent the whole world! From the thumb I've got the Union Jack - which pretty much covers the whole Commonwealth, Bangladesh - my ancestral home, Ethiopa, Switzerland and Honduras. Might I mention I did these all with my left hand. I know that flags are just basic shapes and colours but hey, that Union Jack was harder than it looks. I had fun doing this theme though, researching flags of the world and what not.

Namira :)x
I am currently so bored but I don't want to commit to painting another theme as it could take hours. So I've decided to give baking a whirl. Will keep you posted. Yes, on this nail blog. Shut up, it's my blog!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

arcnaild games

Last post for today! After this I'm off to a fun-filled sleepover with tha gals, so that's why I've been posting really frequently this morning. Who knows how many fumes I've inhaled over the past few hours. Anyway, here's my creation...

Pacman nails! I didn't realise it, but the way the thumbnail is positioned makes it look like the pacman is eating the ghosts hehe. But then he'd die. Which is sad.Waap waap waap.

Alright, I'm going to go have a social life now!
Namira :)x


In attempt to think of themes, I took a trip down memory lane... or should I say... SESAME STREET!?

Yes, I decided to reminisce and produce this! From the thumb we've got a distorted Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Ernie and Bert. They look so cute on my nails, think I might keep them for a while. Which means a day.

Namira :)x

Katnail Everdeen

Hello all! I didn't blog for one day and felt like I had been gone for ages! Anyway, I was thinking of some Hunger Games-esque nails. Everything about the books/movies was either hard to draw or not memorable enough to be recognisable on my nails. But with the help of a cutepolish youtube video, I got some inspiration...

Flame nails for the Girl on Fire, Katniss Everdeen. It's simple and not that symbolic of the Hunger Games but I think it looks pretty funky regardless. Who doesn't love a good flame on their nails? I thought so.

I plan on getting two more posts out today, so worry not my avid readers!

Namira :)x

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Sticking with the theme theme (hehehe) I thought about what five different images could occupy a hand but all tie into the same theme. Then I thought about characters in books, movies or TV. Then I thought about my favourite books/movies. THEN, I painted this...

HARRY POTTER NAILS! You've got Voldemort (yeah, I'm not afraid), Severus Snape, Ron Weasley and Hedwig. So simple but so recognisable (I hope)! But wait, I hear you say, where is Harry? And where is your thumb!? Both are answered below...

Voila! He was harder to paint then the rest, let me tell you! But effort is what makes it look good :) I'm going to start thinking of more themed nails, gives me more chances to do different designs but have it still sticking to a theme. Hopefully I should think of some more ideas in the next few days but my holiday time is dwindling. And that means I won't post for like 10 weeks (a school term). I know, my thousands of adoring fans might not be able to cope but I'm sorry. Studies come first. Sadly.

Namira :)x
Hope you enjoyed themed nails, if anyone cares enough, comment some ideas you have for themes. Or don't.


I present to you my first ever "themed" nails!

Desserts and sweet stuff in general! From the thumb I have a cupcake, fairy flos, macarons, icecream and sprinkles. I wish there was a way to show my thumb upright with all my other fingers and also be able to see each picture clearly... But here is another shot of my thumb, because I think it is cute :)

I couldn't get a close up, focussed shot on my phone without a bit of shakiness.. Sorry!

Namira :)x

on cloud nail!

As mentioned in my last post, I was totally keen to get some designs underway. Then, my beautiful amazing friend Grace informs me that she has a six pack of bright coloured UNUSED nailpolishes that she will never use and wants me to have it. I am so overjoyed! She drops it off, I thank her immensely and this is what it looks like...

AMAZING RIGHT? Now that I have these bright colours that I normally wouldn't wear, I have opened up my art opportunities, namely due to the yellow and orange. I just needed to post my gratitude somewhere and Grace, if you are reading this (then thanks for reading!), THANK YOU!!!!

Namira :)x


I've been trying to move off facebook with my crazy nail posts and stick to this blog. Today is Easter Monday, a public holiday. I've got my little station set up, ready to rumble...

Excuse the terrible picture quality - it was taken on my trusty laptop webcam. In my station I have an old pencilcase full of as many nailpolishes I could stuff, tissues, nail polish remover (good ol' Coles brand), cotton buds, cotton tips (just had a mind blank as to what they are called), a toothpick and massacred bobby pin. I kept my nailpolishes in the pencil case so I can take it anywhere around the house to watch TV, eat, blah blah blah. Efficient right?

As you can see, I'm ready to get started. Expect to see what you've never anticipated before...

I'm going to stop with the "That's all!!". It's silly.
Namira :)x

Saturday, 7 April 2012


I've just gone a bit nailpolish mad... it may be the fumes I'm inhaling from the nail polish. Here are some more creations..

 I have painted a lady bug, eye, tuxedo, converse shoe and a mushroom! I've got to say... Pretty proud of my left hand's painting skills right now :')

That's all!!
Namira :)x


I woke up this morning and had the full intention of keeping my mouth nails on. However an idea came to me and I just had to try it!

WATERMELON NAILS! This took much less time and is really simple when you think about it; white base, pink triangle, green line, black dots, clear top coat and voila! Done. I really want to do more nail art along these lines because as we all know, simplicity is best.

That's all!!
Namira :)x

Friday, 6 April 2012

nailcial features

Few days ago I decided to up the ante. Instead of writing letters on my nails, I wanted to have actual pictures. Because let's be honest, letters are pretty average and not that amazing. I needed to wow myself! So I set out on an all-day project and this was the result..

Mouth nails! I don't know how I thought of this crazy idea but I did! It took me all day, most of the time I was correcting mistakes made when accidentallly bumping my nails, and I only used the brushes of the respective bottles. The hardest part would have to be putting the balck lines as the teeth because the brush was so thick and unwilling!

This is the beginning of my venture into crazier nails and I only have one week of holidays left! So I'm going to try and do as many of the ideas I have as quickly as possible. Whatever I can't do this holidays, I'll save for next holidays. And if I think of a good idea mid-term... seriously will write it down. Legitimately.

That's all!!
Namira :)x

Thursday, 5 April 2012

teenage mutant nailja turtles

Let's now jump to February where we had the first Term Dance. I, along with three others, had the responsibility to organise the dance; theme, decorations, food and advertising! The theme chosen was Good vs. Evil and so for some extra publicity, I painted my nails and posted to Facebook...

It worked a charm! People had never really seen advertising on toenails before so even if they didn't like it, they could appreciate the fact that it was original! Haha.

As for the post title, this nail idea is harder than I thought. But there is relevance to TMNT - us four co-organisers of the dance happen to make up Teenage Mutant Minja Turtles. That is, the first letter of each of our names contributes to one letter of TMNT! Phenomenal, right? We so no other option but to dress up as the crime-fighting, pizza-eating turtles themselves, washing basket shell and all. I wish I had a picture to show you! But.. just know it was awesome. Because it was.

That's all!!
Namira :)x


I thought I'd post nails I've tried in the past (like A THOUSAND) and taken a picture of (so two..). Just to put some cred into my blog. And attract some viewers with pretty pictures!

Anyway, in January our school had their annual swimming carnival. My house, Rigel (blue) always came in second and I never really participated in anything because I'm not a champion swimmer. I'm more of a cheer and encourage from the sidelidnes kind of girl. But this year is my last, so why not absorb all of high school life in one year!? So I, and many others, participated in several events to gain participation points. And in the end, we won!

To prove my house spirit, I painted my nails! I've got to say, I was pretty proud of the neatness and clarity of the letters. The R and G weren't as effortless as they appear.. *flicks hair* and I only use the brush inside the bottle. Sometimes they are incredibly thick, just to spite me and my nail polishing dreams.

So that's my first actual blog post including some form (no matter how simple) of nail polish design! Hopefully many more to come in the future.

That's all!!
Namira :)x


Hey guys! Or do I even say hi? What is the proper etiquette for blogs?! And who is this mysterious "guys" I refer to, I believe they are non-existent...
I started this blog as a means of holiday procrastination and to show off my mediocre nail art. I enjoy painting my nails because I am terrible at decorating my face or walls or cupcakes, whatever. So I hope this blog attracts people like me :)

As can be seen from my backround image, I do not have an extensive colection of colours or brushes. I just use the ones in the bottle. And boy can it be a pain sometimes! But I love doing it. So I hope you enjoy my very small, unimpressive collection of nail polished nails!

Oh and: I'm thinking of incorporating "nail" into all my titles, just a little word fun for me. Also, during the school term I won't get much chance to experiment because school has a strict no nailpolish policy. Plus I'll be too busy studying. Hopefully.

That's all!!
Namira :)x