Thursday, 4 October 2012

matte nails

Hey all! Yesterday I had a day off from the hectic holiday schedule because I had an orthodontist appointment.. But after that I had a lovely time on my own just perusing through shops, looking for any good buys. I was just in the mood to shop. And because I had not spent a single cent since I started working at Subway a couple of months ago, I had some money saved up wahoo! Introducing my newest additions to the family:
Although at first I was only looking at budget stores for cheaper nailpolishes, I could not help but be drawn in by Myer and their enticing sales! As you can see, I purchased - simply put - a gold, red and green. But what is the Chi Chi lurking in the background supposed to be!? WELL! That's a matte top coat which is totally the new craze. Basically, if you paint this over your regular polished nail, it takes away the shine and reflective ability of the polish. So it goes matte. It looks so cool! I did some experiments with this interesting polish:
 In addition to the matte, I reapplied the original nail colour on top so it stands out! These designs are definitely a lot more subtle than my usual outrageous nail art. I wasn't sure if it's subtle intricacy would be easily identified from a distance so I tried another time. This time round I added more normal nail polish to make it more obvious.
Still very understated but it's very fun to be wearing. Just a little secret to yourself teehee!

Namira :)x
PS sorry about the lack of creative title. I just wanted to show you matte polish!

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