Wednesday, 19 September 2012

top hats and nailcoats

MY EXAMS ARE OVERRRRRRRRR! And the formal is tomorrow! That means I have to whip up my best nails EVER. They also have to be cuh-lasssay! So what is more fancy than:
TUXEDO NAILS! Now, if you're an avid follower or have eerily sharp memory, I did try ONE tuxedo nail agggeesss ago (see combilnailtion ;) ) but I decided on that day that these would be done for my formal! And now here we are, I can't believe it :') I tried to be as neat as possible but... you can never have perfection. And that's okay. I'm so excited to glam up tomorrow and have these bad boys on my nails! SO EXCITED

Namira :)x

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