Monday, 14 May 2012


Hellllllllloooooooooooo there. What are you doing posting again? You ask. Why aren't you at school!? You ask again... a bit aggressively. You should really apologise, that hurt my feelings. Nevertheless, I am posting and am not at school because I am sick! A case of the damn sniffles. Fear not my avid followers, I reckon one day of rest should get me back into the groove. But yes, I'm staying at home today, recuperating. Which leaves plenty of time to catch up on missed schoolwork, get further in assignm--- LOL JKS IT'S PAINTING TIME

Umbrella nails! The idea came to me a while ago and I have been dying to try it since. So voila! I had thought I would outline sections of the umbrella with thin black lines but I didn't want to taint their already perfect shapes. Plus I thought of putting little blue dots as raindrops in the background, but I thought it would be confusing that you'd be seeing raindrops when you put up an umbrella. I'm stifling my own creativity. I could have easily branched out into dimensional nail art, but I've just decided to stick with one dimension. Forgive me, artistes.

Also, this last Sunday was Mothers Day!! I hope you all pampered your mothers and showered her in gifts. Not gonna brag, my sister and I did a pretty awesome job...
 My fully sick napkin folding skills
 Banana cake I whipped up on a whim of procrastination
And now our mother loves us even more. Mission accomplished!

Namira :)x

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